SPUBs Sweethearts: Darren & Rachel

Darren Everson first became interested in Rachel Bachman, a fellow Daily sports reporter, in the fall of 1994. Her first impression of him: “Cute but too young.”

She was a 22-year-old senior; he was a 19-year-old junior. This was the first of many obstacles in their way. Among the others:

  • Breaking up. They dated for a few months in 1995, but split shortly after she graduated.
  • Distance. Rachel moved to Oregon. Darren moved to New York.
  • Time. They lived three time zones apart for 16 years.
  • Other relationships. (Obviously.)

Only in an implausible rom-com would such a couple end up together. But Rachel moved to New York in 2011, she and Darren got back together in 2012, and now they’re engaged. (They both now work for The Wall Street Journal—Rachel as a reporter, Darren as an editor.)

One impediment remains. The pandemic prevented their wedding, which was set for October 2020 at the Union. But at this point, it should be clear that you shouldn’t bet against them.

We're rooting for you two, Darren & Rachel!