Summer 2021 M-Desk meeting on campus!

Renovation is a wrap!

An EIC in the attic

A peek inside the attic

Lipsey Student Publication Slate Roof Replacement project

  • General Manager Kathy Ciesinski photographs the slate tiles from a cherry-picker prior to roof renovations.
  • Detail of slate roof tiles, with one removed for exploration by renovation team.
  • Construction fences are up as roof replacement begins soon
  • Silhouette of Stanford Lipsey Student Publications building shows slate tile pattern
  • Kathy's view of the cupola
  • Cupola on the rooftop of Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building
  • Madigan Newsroom of The Michigan Daily is cleared out
  • Tile floor entry is protected
  • Chairs in Board room

GargTober 2019 is a wrap!

Scholarship & Awards Celebration 2019!


  • Pam Maas Grantham, Marcia Bennet, Dan Grantham, and Bill Stieg
  • Sara Fitzgerald and Judy Ruskin

Summer Satellite Reunions 2019 highlights

  • Detroit Writing Room, Alumni, Students, The Michigan Daily, Reunion June 2019

Congrats to our Class of 2019 Grads!

  • Student Publications, University of Michigan, Editor in Chief, Michigan Daily, Graduation, Class of 2019
  • Jason Rowland, Andrew Hiyama, Orion Sang, Sophie Sherry, The Michigan Daily Class of 2019