Publication Funds

The Michigan Daily Scholarship Fund
Provides support for The Michigan Daily staff in the business or editorial departments, based on financial need.

The Michigan Daily Program Fund
Supports general reporting expenses, e.g. FOIA requests

The Alan Luckoff Family Editorial Fund
Funds available for discretionary expenditures as determined by the Editor in Chief of The Michigan Daily and the General Manager of the Office of Student Publications

The Michigan Daily Edit Work Study Fund
Supports work study eligible Michigan Daily edit staff

Gargoyle Scholarship Fund
The Gargoyle Scholarship Fund supports scholarships for the Editor in Chief, the Business Manager, and other student leaders of the publications.

Gargoyle Program Fund
This fund supports annual projects coordinated by the Gargoyle staff, technology, marketing and equipment needs.

Gargoyle Second Century Endowment Fund
This fund was established to support Gargoyle production expenses in perpetuity.

Michiganensian Program Fund
This fund supports Ensian operations, technology, marketing and equipment needs.