SPUBs Sweethearts: Clif & Allison

Allison Ghaman and Clif Reeder (both Class of 2010) met freshmen year while on the Daily Photo staff in the late 2000s. She later became the Daily Managing Design Editor from '08 and he was Managing Photo Editor from '09 (both graduated '10). “We had to do a coin flip during our first shift together to see who'd go cover Tommy Amaker's firing, and who could take the rest of the day off,” Allie recalls. ”I lost and I do still bring it up.”

But they didn't start dating until Senior Year, she notes, with romance sparked in an unlikely place: “We went to Fleetwood for fries after Jeopardy.” With graduation looming a few months away, they didn’t want to get too serious. But as their fifth wedding anniversary approaches, she mocks those innocent notions. “Our great plan of just casually dating for a few months then breaking up after graduation is clearly going well.”

She went off for a summer news design internship in 2010 and, “our breakup didn't exactly stick. Clif joined me in DC later that fall.” That was enough long-distance dating for them. Now they are going the distance in a different way – hiking. “We've logged about 9,000 miles of long distance backpacking together —the "Triple Crown" of hiking: Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails. And though neither of us is in News anymore, Clif's still taking photos, and works as a software engineer in green energy. I'm the communications manager of a trail nonprofit. Above is a photo of us on Mt. Yale in our new home of Colorado this year, and at Clif’s feet is our pup Gulo — the Latin name for the Wolverine.”

Keep on trekking, Clif and Allie!