A letter from Eugene Robinson:

Eugene Robinson speaks on panel

In one of the columns I wrote for The Washington Post about Barack Obama's election, I said:

"Diversity is more of a journey than a destination, 
and we have to keep moving forward."

At a panel discussion on newsroom diversity during the Fall 2017 Student Publications' Reunion, it became clear that we still have farther to go on that long road. 

Many aspiring journalists can't afford the experience that The Michigan Daily provides because of the rising costs of a college education and the staggering debt they may face once they graduate. That is where support from alumni and donors like you make a difference, and keeps us moving forward.

Please give now so that UM Student Publications can continue to attract and nurture the diverse voices and talents of the newsrooms of the future. 


Gene Robinson

'73 Daily co-Editor-in-Chief
Associate Editor and Columnist for The Washington Post